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March 2007
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riastarth4e [userpic]

In new building today. Spent most of the day attempting to get stuff set up that should have been done weeks ago, grrrrrr.

Opinion of new building: Looks lovely, nice kitchen and showers and lockers and loos etc
but no attempt made to accomadate smokers, cept a smoking bin at the front entrance.

Also im pretty sure the nice break room with plasma tv with sky aint big enough for this place when everyones here...

Oh and the heating isnt working.......

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Yes, Sky Sports.
Big version of the st melons coffee machine in close proximity to aforesaid sky sports and kitchen in same location with kettle

I hate Nigel

Any particular reason or just the norm?

norm but also he's tighter than a ducks arse