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Played squash again today.  Finally getting to the stage where games are even, I feel like I've had a good workout.

Plans for later today include: Clearing more stuff out of the to be nursery.

Current Mood: pleasedpleased

It's been awhile.  Keeping a journal just never held my interest.

I never felt that I had anything to write about, nothing people would want to read anyhow.

Well I think I might of changed my mind.  I got married last year as close to Beltaine as I could get in a place that's always been close to my heart.  Since then I've very much got in touch with my more spiritual side.

Married life has been great, Mel is my soulmate in a way I never thought possible and i'm happy.  

And about to get happier........we are now expecting our first child.  Due in september.  Words cannot be found.

So I hope to use this journal as something to look back on.  It's for me, but I don't mind sharing.

The Knight
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My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 56% on Cardinal

You scored higher than 29% on Monk

You scored higher than 45% on Lady

You scored higher than 60% on Knight
Link: The Who Would You Be in 1400 AD Test written by KnightlyKnave on Ok Cupid

Yey not in work!
Spent most of the day walking the dog and on the comp....trying to make myself do something like go tidy various rooms in the house.....but cant seem to get up.

Starting ballroom dance lessons with laney gaz and lu........

Now I must go and do some house work...

Northern Line
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the Bakerloo line.

What London Underground Line Are You?
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In new building today. Spent most of the day attempting to get stuff set up that should have been done weeks ago, grrrrrr.

Opinion of new building: Looks lovely, nice kitchen and showers and lockers and loos etc
but no attempt made to accomadate smokers, cept a smoking bin at the front entrance.

Also im pretty sure the nice break room with plasma tv with sky aint big enough for this place when everyones here...

Oh and the heating isnt working.......

We wish you a merry christmas, We wish you a merry christmas, We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me with
Riastarthae's Syndrome
Cause:lack of air in diet
Symptoms:mildly blue blood, acidic blood, occasional panic attacks
Cure:don't do it again
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Recently my better half, Laney attempted to appease my hatred of the ironing board being left up by...get this...buying an ironing board cover that was the same colour scheme as the lounge.........

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

Work needs to end, and soon. Im actually getting exited because im doing a christmas shop at Toys r us tonight.
Of course its mainly for the benefit of my Goddaughter Anya (Yeah right).
Did I mention i'm a Toys r us goldcard holder?

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