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March 2007
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riastarth4e [userpic]
Three in two people do not understand proportions in mathematics.

It's been awhile.  Keeping a journal just never held my interest.

I never felt that I had anything to write about, nothing people would want to read anyhow.

Well I think I might of changed my mind.  I got married last year as close to Beltaine as I could get in a place that's always been close to my heart.  Since then I've very much got in touch with my more spiritual side.

Married life has been great, Mel is my soulmate in a way I never thought possible and i'm happy.  

And about to get happier........we are now expecting our first child.  Due in september.  Words cannot be found.

So I hope to use this journal as something to look back on.  It's for me, but I don't mind sharing.